Sunday, October 14, 2007

"When Autumn comes...

"... it doesn't ask, it just walks in where it left you last... You never know when it starts, until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart..."-- John Mayer

Friday, October 12, 2007

Seasons Change.

Fall is my most favorite season of the year. So many people who live around here think it's bad, because it just means that winter isn't too far around the corner. I think that's OK... I love Thanksgiving and Christmas both... they're great reasons to be thankful for what you have and appreciate your family and friends. But back to fall, I think it's one of the most expressive seasons. The colors change so drastically in nature, the air turns with a chill so quickly, and (I don't have scientific proof of this) it seems that it's one of the fastest seasons here in Wisconsin so you have to appreciate it while it's here. That chilly feeling making you want to feel cozy everywhere, the vibrant colors that follow you around the city, and the general feeling that most of the year has already come and gone always leaves me in a very nostalgic mood.

I've realized that as the seasons changed this year, a lot of things have changed in my own life. The year started with major changes at work, with the only real "boss" I've ever known leaving... and then some serious turnover at work. It left everything so uncertain... how was this year going to go? Could I make it without knowing someone would be there to believe in me and push me to be better? I discovered quickly that my life would change at work alone... and then trickle down to effect everything else. I don't need to re-hash all the details... but I guess in the end I'm somewhat proud of how it all went. The first time I faced big changes and challeneges at work... I feel into a feeling that I couldn't classify... but I only know it as sad and not fully functional. I wanted so badly to not feel that way this time... and while I can't say that I was completely successful, I think I did some of the best work I've done so far in my career this year... and managed to somehow keep things together at home. (Brad is one of the most patient men you will ever meet and I can't say how much I am blessed to be with him.) There's probably times (and may still be times) when I needed to reach out for more help than I was getting. I dealt with some pretty heavy stuff this summer, and I guess I always felt like someone else had it worse than I did so I should just deal with it. I've decided that's not a motto to live your life by.

Anyway, I can talk about this all in past tense because seasons have now changed for me once again. I was promoted, I guess you could say, at work to be the station's new Political Reporter. It's something I've been interested in and wanted to do for a long time, and I worked really hard this year to try to get it once the position was vacated by the man who is now my boss. Its going to mean a huge learning curve of people to meet, information to know, and frankly, guts and gravitas to grow. I'm excited and sort of terrified at the same time, but its also nice to have a major challenge in front of me to put me back on an extremely driven track. I want to be the kind of reporter that can get above the fray and tell you what's really going on in the state house and why you should care. I don't want to get bogged down by the messiness of it all, but want to expose what's true, real, and meaningful. I know I'll hit my stride somewhere along the way, but its going to take some real work to get there. Thankfully, the new position also means a new schedule and more time at home with Brad and family and friends, which I know now I'm going to need. Its amazing how long you can want and work for something, only to find out that's its a lot more on your plate than you ever thought it would be. Here's to growing some thick skin.

Anyway, I'm trying to scrap my stress away... and hopefully we're going to do some fun fall stuff this weekend. Hope you can pick some apples and pumpkins and enjoy the fleeting season change as it happens.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I remember.

I found myself driving to work this morning trying to figure out where I'd been 6 years ago. What had I been doing... what was I watching or thinking at that exact moment. And the troubling thing is... I could remember it all very clearly. At a little after 9am 6 years ago... I was in a spanish class at the UW... trying to figure out why my teacher was still teaching verb modifiers when our nation was under attack.

Brad and I had seen the second plane hit the South tower of the World Trade Center that morning, as we waited in line for breakfast at the dorm cafeteria. I remember him saying... was that a missle? And I said no, it was a plane. But why would a plane fly into the towers? It was the question we didn't want to know the answer to. So we went to class, because we weren't sure if we shouldn't. And then my teacher yelled at me for trying to talk to the sleepier kids in class who hadn't seen what happened. And then I spent the next 45 minutes confused and terrified.

Why does that matter today? Who are we and are we different? Should we be? Does it let the terrorists win?

I was looking for a photo to go with this post today and I found the one of the "falling man" which I vaguely remember seeing. It was one of the only published pictures of someone jumping out of the trade center that day, because people were outraged that the jumpers were being stripped of their dignity by having their untimely and horrifying death photographed. I agree, that it is awful and disturbing what happened. But as a storyteller, I understand the power that that man's story could hold. It holds the power of outrage, of fight, of the ability for people never to forget what happened that day, to make them different.

I am a different person than the one I was that day by many accounts, and not just because I've aged or gotten married or begun a career. I am a different person because I understand the horror of what can happen in the world we know to be usually safe. I know that we shouldn't stand for an incident like this to ever happen in our country again, but we also shouldn't stand for it to be a reason for other horrors to take place around the world.

As we remember another anniversary of one of the worst tragedies in our history... I hope we don't become numb to what it still means to each and every one of us. It's easy to do that... be jaded by all the years of 9/11 memorials and file footage and somewhat empty rhetoric. But we lived this. And I don't know about you, but I hope to never feel that terror or confusion I felt that day in the cafeteria ever again.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm a brunette. I think.

Went to the hair salon yesterday. Walked in a blonde... walked out something else. I'm not sure exactly... a brunette... a redhead... but its definitely not the blonde i've been. I'm only a day into it... so I have to see what I think... but already I'm yearning for my goldilocks back. I've always loved being a blonde (despite the jokes and bad rep) but I just thought it was sunny and fun and really fit my personality. This suddenly seems much more serious. We'll see... but I have a feeling in 4-6 weeks I'll be back with the "more fun" girls again.

In other news... I suck at blogging. As if you didn't know. This is exactly the reason I didn't want to start one... because I knew I'd suck at keeping it up. But for the umpteenth time... I'm going to make a better effort at it. It is with that attitude that I post some of my more recent scrapping forays.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogging double time... and some gap ad fun.

It's been a while since I've blogged... but frankly, it's been a while since I've had time to. Work is much more a marathon than a sprint lately so every ounce of free energy I have I try to conserve. Everything is suffering because of it unfortunately... my weight... my yoga practice... my scrapbooking... my sanity... that's how it goes though. Brad and I have had some very nice late-night dinners at Osteria Papavero so that's been really cool. Had the French Horn Mushroom Rissotto last night... and cantaloupe with prociutto.... amazing.

About the double time thing though... I'm working the Eric Hainstock trial all this week.... worked the last two days on it... and I'm live blogging here for the entirety. It's a different thing to do on a story, but is a cool new thing that's probably going to get more popular in journalism. I'm glad I get to be a part of it.

Otherwise, I still haven't posted concert pics from the beginning of the month... but I haven't taken many pics because I haven't been doing much but working. We're headed to my friend and former co-worker Dawn's wedding on the 10th, so I'm super excited for that and a little time off. Till then, I'll leave you with a different photo... and my current desktop background. (that is, until I email one of my real husband to myself so I don't feel wierd...)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A very sad ending.

So the coroner confirmed a body found Monday morning in a woods near Oregon is the body of Kelly Nolan, a missing 22 year old Whitewater student. I can't stop thinking about the situation... the police department is now in the midst of an incredibly intense investigation into her death, and finding her killer... but all the while this has to be the most torturous situation for the family. I've worked with them pretty extensively through this whole thing... so I've been praying for them... and I hope you will too.

I have pics to post of the fab summerfest concert we went to last week, as well as from the 4th or Brad's cousin's wedding on 7/7/7... I'll try to get to that today as well if I have time. Mom and Dad are out of town with the boys for a cattle show... so yesterday I went out to water plants, cure the dogs' lonliness and picked out the garden for her... and sunburned myself pretty good in the process. Today I'm trying to work on her cake albums... she finally handed over her cake show books to me to re-do... they were my very first shot at scrapbooking and through about 6 years of being used, desperately need an update. It's kind of amazing though to look at them now... they were the start of what has become a passionate hobby for me. I should probably scrapbook that now. Will probably do that most of the day, and hopefully do concerts on the square tonight.

Pics later... for right now though... my thoughts are with a girl who could have been any of our sisters... friends... daughters or relatives... and how she's died unnecessarily too young. Kelly, may you rest now in peace, and help your family find comfort now in your safety.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Please help find...

Kelly Nolan. She's a 22-year-old Whitewater student... living in Madison for the summer... her family is from Waunakee. I've been doing stories about her with her family all today, and spent a lot of time on the phone with the family yesterday. She got separated from her friends last Friday night... and has now been missing for six days. Her family is terrified... and the police have been searching and are concerned. Please go to our web site for information and to see photos... and contact Crimestoppers at 266-6014 with any information. For those who don't know her... please pray for her family... and her safety.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KI Memories Challenge

A challenge on the KI Memories blog was to scrapbook a friend you miss. Here's mine.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I want to make an art journal. And other notes.

I'm up early today... or at least early for me. Woke up at 9:30 today... not sure why but maybe was because Brad had to go for his last physical before his new job. (additional... don't worry, he's not leaving the foundation... just getting some extra major gift experience at St. Mary's Hospital) I've been up doing laundry, etc... but wanting to scrapbook really bad. I love scrapbooking... everyone knows that... but sometimes it can be hard to get over the hump to actually go do it. It's not because I think I won't enjoy it... sometimes its because I'm not sure what to work on... sometimes I know what I want to work on but I'm worried I won't have the products or paper I want (I don't have a lot cause I can't afford a lot...) so it won't turn out like I'm hoping. Right now... I have 3 different projects I want to work on... an 8.5x11 album of our honeymoon photos... starting a new album of layouts on whatever topic I choose (which sounds simple but is different for me because I usually have done topical or chronological scrapbooking)... or making an art journal. One of the other scrapbook blogs I'm reading is selling a kit to make one. I'm probably not gonna buy it because I don't have the money... but they're doing journaling challenges for pages on the site and they're totally inspiring me. The writing is coming to my brain... but the layouts and stuff not so much... only because I havent made an art journal before and its just more freestyle than I'm used to. Its literally kind of a scary thing to jump into... but I think I have to try only because it's something new. So I guess I'll go sit in my scrap room and figure out what project to work on... I hope for myself that the art journal comes to my brain and turns out beautifully. I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise... Martha's wedding, as you can see below, was lovely. She looked beautiful and they both seemed happy and it was really nice. We worked our butts off the day before helping set up chairs and make all the flower arrangements, but it was so worth it. I hope they're having a great time on their honeymoon.

I have split days off this week so I have tomorrow off... and we're going to a Brewer game. I'm excited about it, cause I haven't been to one this year and its for a welcome home party for one of Brad's FMS Mel. She spent the semester in Spain (so jealous!) and is back on the job.

Dad gets his DREAM TRUCK this weekend ha. They ordered a 2007 Ford F350 for the farm... apparently dark red and loaded with everything Dad ever hoped for. I'm hoping to make it to when they pick it up so I can see his face when he sees it. Probably a mix of dream come true... and reality that now the payments start ha.

Brad and I have to decide whether to renew our lease for this apartment... and its bittersweet. I really love this place, and its become like a real home for us. But I'm dying to have a house all to ourselves. Get a garden, be able to landscape and make the house beautiful, really start to nest. But there are a lot of factors as to whether that is possible... money, whether we're staying around here for long, is it big enough for our needs, will we have to buy a new car for Brad, then buy a lawn mower, snowblower, etc... I kind of think the hurdles are too big for right now. Its so sad... because theres a house we both love in a good neighborhood for sale right now... I'll probably cry when it sells. Brad assures me we will have a beautiful house someday... its just hard when I want one so badly right now.

That's enough for now... off to go try and be scrapbook-inspired...

Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Martha Lewke!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another workweek over...

And off to wedding land tomorrow. Martha's getting married and its so exciting... except for it's going to be hotter than blazes out there. I'm sure everything will be beautiful because it's a wedding, it has to be. :)

Way tough to get back in the groove at work again... especially when it seems like the dog days of summer out. I really want to be at home scrapbooking, I'm suddenly feeling a really creative energy right now... like I lie awake at night thinking of page ideas... i should keep a notebook by the bed to write them all down because I forget half of them by the morning. Think of how beautiful my scrapbooks would be if I only could stay up all night and not work my regular job? Interesting thought...

My friends Katy and Jay have their site finally up and running and it's so fabulous. You should all check it out regularly... they're incredibly talented people working so hard on something they love, the passion and vision is almost contagious. check it out ASAP!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Just a glimpse

of our great couple days in Door County. What a fun birthday trip... just relaxing and feeling loved.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

When on vacation...

Scrapbook like a maniac!!! Had a couple of kits I wanted to play with... so these are the results. Thought this was fun... its a kit created by one of my favorite scrapbookers... and totally emulates her style, with the libary cards and the rounded corners... fun stuff. Working on part 2 of the kit... another mini-book... then hope to do a little traveling around the state this week. Time off is like candy for the soul...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Its June!!

Oh, how I love this month! My birthday is in a week (with some fun vacation time)... it's the month Brad and I started dating... Martha is getting's Father's day and Seth's birthday... time for great food from the garden (strawberries!!) and my flowers will start looking perky... and its just the most beautiful and glorious month in all of summer. Yikes... that's probably the most happy thoughts that have come from my head in a while. Thank god June is here... I never needed a happy month more. Brace yourself for more scrapbook posting soon... with some vacation time and fresh creativity following successfully finishing both wedding books... I have some catching up to do.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vol. 2 Is complete!!!

Nearly 2 years later... both of my wedding albums are done. I was up until about 3am last night finishing it... but what can I say, when the creative juices are flowing... just go with it. Here's a small look-- you'll have to come see the whole thing!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Being a copy-blogger...

I loved this post from a scrapbooker I read today... I had to share it because I thought it was really inspiring.

1. Your home is more than the sum of its walls. Make it a sacred space.
2. Creativity is a lifestyle, not simply an activity. Let is expand you.
3. True forgiveness springs from love, not regret.
4. Learn something new. Emphasize the trying, not the succeeding.
5. Spend some time in the dirt. You'll be amazed at what nature can inspire.
6. You don't have to have a perfect body to feel great in it.
7. Define yourself by who you are, not the roles you play.
8. Find rejuvination in five minutes of silence.
9. Contribute to abundance. If you no longer need something, pass it on.
10. Find direction in your life by looking where you want to go, not where you don't.

--from Body&Soul magazine, 10 thoughts on whole living

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"Kinky in the Kitchen"

What a fabulous day/night this was... Martha's getting married June 16th and wanted a blowout... So we rented a suite at the Doubletree for an afternoon shower... themed "Kinky in the Kitchen" (both traditional and fun shower gifts... you get the idea) and then took her to party like a rock star in Madtown. Hope you had a great time girl, because watching you was one of the best times ever!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Late night...

working on a series that will air later this week. Waiting for a producer to approve it at 12:10am right now. Last time I wrote a package this late, I was really proud of how it all turned out. Maybe it was the lack of outside distractions... or the exhaustion. Either way... I'm tired enough that this one better end up good.

Hoping to post some pics tomorrow of Martha's fab weekend... that is, once I get some sleep.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Fighting for their school...

I'm sitting in a live truck outside the administration building for the Madison schools right now, as a bunch of parents and kids are chalking what they want the school board to do with their budget at the meeting tonight. Just wanted to note a few thoughts...

...these people are so passionate... care about the future of their kids so much... i want to be a parent like that... cool is sidewalk chalk and why do i not use it on our porch... can you make a good decision about the future of other people's children when there are no good options to make those choices... and the state funds education here less and less... have no idea about what goes into these choices... all they want to see is the kind teachers in their classrooms... and learn what they need to learn while having fun... oh to be that innocent once again...

Will blog more tomorrow when I'm off hopefully... but hope everyone is enjoying the weather....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seven random things...

One of the scrapbooking blogs I read had a "tagging" challenge where you had to write seven random things about yourself. I wasn't sure what else to blog about lately (even though there has been a lot going on, just a lot of it isn't very good) so I'll give this a try.

1. Got a haircut and a pedicure today... and I actually love both of them (my toes are Red Rock Coral-- a bright shimmery coral shade thats super springy). Now to save up money and spend the whole day at the spa...
2. Bought a lot of stuff at the scrapbook store today... a 2" circle punch and some fun new paper for the fave photos book I plan to start soon.
3. I was really bored today... went shopping to try and hedge it... but it didn't work so hot. I'm trying really hard not to be depressed that I have to start my new work week tomorrow but its one of the most sinking feelings I've had in a long time.
4. I danced like a maniac in my scrapbook room to the new Maroon 5 song "Makes me Wonder." It's amazing and I can't help but go crazy during the chorus.
5. I have purple, green and white flowers on my end table from last weekend that still look pretty and I love it.
6. It's been raining on and off the last couple days, but I love the sound at night. Makes the house feel so much cozier.
7. Brad and I are talking about what to do for my birthday, which is just more than a month away. I'm really excited, because I think I'm gonna take the last of my vacation from my contract year for it and we'll go somewhere... I think that's exactly what I need right now.

Anyone else out there with a blog? Consider yourself tagged.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

People I'm Thinking of Today...

Adam... because he has been through so much recently and is still so much stronger than he realizes. We are here to be your guideposts and your light. Be reassured that the hurt you feel now means that you've been true to your heart all along... and that you are still surrounded with love from your friends and family.

Grandpa Meissen... who left us 15 years ago today. The memories of his smile, his hands, his "Susie" call for a granddaughter, seem like yesterday... maybe the gravelly sore throat voice I have today is so I can hear him in me.

My dad's high school friend... who lost her 19 year old daughter to a drunk driver yesterday. I hope her family can know faith and love during this time.

New daddies Schultz and Eric and their families... who have two new baby boys in their lives.... I hope they can be great blessings.

The families of those affected by the tragedy in Virginia... I hope your hearts look for solace, support and love and not revenge.

No matter the struggles we face in life, there are those who have their own. I'm learning to live with mine, and have compassion for those who deal with more than I do. It's humbling and reassuring to know that no matter how much is on our shoulders, we can still shift and carry the load for those we care about.

Lastly... for anyone who might be feeling lost...

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
--E.M. Forster.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If you can't say something nice...

Don't say anything at all.

Which is why I haven't blogged.

And why I'm not blogging more than this today.

Here's hoping for some positivity soon.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When you're not sure, you're sure.

I read about 10 different meanings to that phrase... but sometimes it just rings true.

I can't detail at this point why exactly that is, I hope to in the near future... but suffice to say right now, things are hard. And projected to get harder. Hope is hard to come by.

You always think when you're a kid or a teenager that when someone finally gives you the responsibility to control your own life that things will finally be great. You'll get to do what you want, when you want, and nobody, NOBODY will tell you how to live your life. Turns out, that's not completely true, and frankly, not all it's cracked up to be.

A Grey's Anatomy quote is in order.

"Remember when you were a kid and your biggest worry was, like, if you'd get a bike for your birthday or if you'd get to eat cookies for breakfast. Being an adult? Totally overrated. I mean seriously, don't be fooled by all the hot shoes and the great sex and the no parents anywhere telling you what to do. Adulthood is responsibility. We're adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?"

Amen sister.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Great Quote.

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power."-- Alan Cohen

This quote really speaks to me today. Found it on one of my fave scrapbooker's websites and had to share it. I like the idea of thinking about what is really "meaningful" in your life. Your work, your hobbies, the time you spend with your family... because I think a lot of people at my age think more in the now... what is fun, what makes you money, what fills the time, what gets you skinny, what gets you ahead, rather than what is meaningful. My mom always said that I was a few years beyond my time... and even at 23 I find myself thinking about things like what am I going to regret not doing when I die? Am I going to wish I had spent more time finding great stories at work, or am I going to wish I'd spent the day watching movies at home relaxing? Am I going to wish I had tried to get further up in markets, or am I going to wish I'd stayed in a city I knew I loved? What in the long run has more "meaning"?

I don't plan to do this often, because I'd rather this blog be more about family and friends and scrapbooking... but I want to share a story I did last week that will last in my mind for a long time. It's someone that definitely has had a meaningful life, and will continue to live one for a long time. Click here to watch.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Today is election day folks...

Do what is your duty each and every election day.... VOTE!

It's one small way you can change the world.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Why my friends are the most original in the world...

You might be wondering what all these crazy cats are doing... Why having an "Ethnic Studies" party, what else? You see... my friends do theme parties like nobody else. And Tricia (see blond braided wig) now lives in Austria and we had to celebrate her coming home in a big way. So Kelly (the cowboy, we don't know from what country) welcomed a Frida Kahlo, an English Fox Hunter, a Mexican serenader, an italian Gondolier, an african banana keeper, an asian rice paddy mohter, a french artiste, a german bier girl and an americanized cuban into her home for an evening of festivities. I L-O-V-E my friends more than words. Here are a few other fun photos...

Why my mom is wonderful.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Karma my friends.

The last 24 hours has not been good for me. At. All. And I'm probably going to have some big decisions to make in the future.

So in turn, I'm asking you to boost the karma of you and me both and do something good.

A scrapbooker I really love is in 1st place in a contest run by Kevin Bacon. He started a website called six degrees, which is a place to find out more about charities that celebrities and others donate to. Anyway, his contest is that people created "badges" on the site that you click on to donate to a charity. And he says the top six money raisers he'll give $10,000 to on top of whatever they were able to raise already. Ali Edwards, an amazing scrapbooker, has a son with autism and started a badge to donate to Autism Speaks. She's already raised more than $30,000 and is currently in first place, but needs help driving to the finish, which is Sat. at midnight. Please donate whatever you can, but a minimum of $10 to her charity to help her help a lot of other people. I've done stories with families and children with autism, and their strength is more than you will ever believe. These children deserve a chance at the life many other children born without their affliction can get.

Anyway, click here and then click on Ali's badge to donate.

For your karma and mine... cause lord knows we all can use a little help sometimes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's that moment...

Between logging and writing.

That's TV speak for... the brief minute we usually get between looking at video and interviews for a story where we copy down word for word what people say and catch those good moments of "natural sound" from the video... and actually writing the story.

On an average night in TV news, that moment is usually less than a minute long because of the deadline.

This afternoon, I'm making it a big longer.

I'm hoping its giving my story time to "breathe" in my brain... kick up some dust in there and come up with some extra creative lines and ways to bring all of you my faithful viewers (right!) to exactly where I was standing for the story.

The reason I have time today is that I shot this story yesterday, and my photographer got some extra time to really think about what we needed. That's because this story, is great without any reporter getting in to screw it up. So today I just spent an hour logging every second of video, looking for the best moments. And now I have to put those together.

Maybe it's not just a creative break... its a little because in that moment, there's always a little fear that the story won't be as great as you want it to be. That you won't do your subject justice, and it won't be as fascinating to the viewers as you think it is. But that's what we do battle with each and every day... and as I said, most of the time I only get a split second to think about it. Today, I have a little bit longer. But does that mean I fail myself even more if it's not great in the end? We'll have to see.

Moment over... back to work... see you at 10 tonight... let me know what you think.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh what a beautiful...

Day to be sitting inside at work. :(

I'm so bummed out right now that it's like 80 degrees and I'm sitting at my desk... Hopefully I'll get out the door soon though.

I also realized how badly I need a vacation... even if I'm just staying at home and scrapbooking. Gonna try to put that in the plans in the near future.

Plus... I miss cooking. I don't get to do it much at all anymore because my breaks at night aren't long enough to really make dinner. So the goal is to try and make more dinners on my weekends.

Look at me... I'm trying to be positive!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's not quite spring...

Yesterday was a laid-back day... although not quite what I was expecting. Brad and I ran some errands for a while, then went to Governor Nelson State Park to try and enjoy the weather... all the while really hoping for spring. Check out the pictures... we're not quite there yet.

After discovering there were no open restrooms in the park, we headed for home. A little later, we got a surprise phone call from my parents, wanting to come over for dinner... which wasn't exactly in the plan... but we made it work with a restaurant down the road. Didn't get to see "Reign Over Me" like I wanted to this weekend... but hopefully we can work it in another day soon.