Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogging double time... and some gap ad fun.

It's been a while since I've blogged... but frankly, it's been a while since I've had time to. Work is much more a marathon than a sprint lately so every ounce of free energy I have I try to conserve. Everything is suffering because of it unfortunately... my weight... my yoga practice... my scrapbooking... my sanity... that's how it goes though. Brad and I have had some very nice late-night dinners at Osteria Papavero so that's been really cool. Had the French Horn Mushroom Rissotto last night... and cantaloupe with prociutto.... amazing.

About the double time thing though... I'm working the Eric Hainstock trial all this week.... worked the last two days on it... and I'm live blogging here for the entirety. It's a different thing to do on a story, but is a cool new thing that's probably going to get more popular in journalism. I'm glad I get to be a part of it.

Otherwise, I still haven't posted concert pics from the beginning of the month... but I haven't taken many pics because I haven't been doing much but working. We're headed to my friend and former co-worker Dawn's wedding on the 10th, so I'm super excited for that and a little time off. Till then, I'll leave you with a different photo... and my current desktop background. (that is, until I email one of my real husband to myself so I don't feel wierd...)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A very sad ending.

So the coroner confirmed a body found Monday morning in a woods near Oregon is the body of Kelly Nolan, a missing 22 year old Whitewater student. I can't stop thinking about the situation... the police department is now in the midst of an incredibly intense investigation into her death, and finding her killer... but all the while this has to be the most torturous situation for the family. I've worked with them pretty extensively through this whole thing... so I've been praying for them... and I hope you will too.

I have pics to post of the fab summerfest concert we went to last week, as well as from the 4th or Brad's cousin's wedding on 7/7/7... I'll try to get to that today as well if I have time. Mom and Dad are out of town with the boys for a cattle show... so yesterday I went out to water plants, cure the dogs' lonliness and picked out the garden for her... and sunburned myself pretty good in the process. Today I'm trying to work on her cake albums... she finally handed over her cake show books to me to re-do... they were my very first shot at scrapbooking and through about 6 years of being used, desperately need an update. It's kind of amazing though to look at them now... they were the start of what has become a passionate hobby for me. I should probably scrapbook that now. Will probably do that most of the day, and hopefully do concerts on the square tonight.

Pics later... for right now though... my thoughts are with a girl who could have been any of our sisters... friends... daughters or relatives... and how she's died unnecessarily too young. Kelly, may you rest now in peace, and help your family find comfort now in your safety.