Friday, June 22, 2007

I want to make an art journal. And other notes.

I'm up early today... or at least early for me. Woke up at 9:30 today... not sure why but maybe was because Brad had to go for his last physical before his new job. (additional... don't worry, he's not leaving the foundation... just getting some extra major gift experience at St. Mary's Hospital) I've been up doing laundry, etc... but wanting to scrapbook really bad. I love scrapbooking... everyone knows that... but sometimes it can be hard to get over the hump to actually go do it. It's not because I think I won't enjoy it... sometimes its because I'm not sure what to work on... sometimes I know what I want to work on but I'm worried I won't have the products or paper I want (I don't have a lot cause I can't afford a lot...) so it won't turn out like I'm hoping. Right now... I have 3 different projects I want to work on... an 8.5x11 album of our honeymoon photos... starting a new album of layouts on whatever topic I choose (which sounds simple but is different for me because I usually have done topical or chronological scrapbooking)... or making an art journal. One of the other scrapbook blogs I'm reading is selling a kit to make one. I'm probably not gonna buy it because I don't have the money... but they're doing journaling challenges for pages on the site and they're totally inspiring me. The writing is coming to my brain... but the layouts and stuff not so much... only because I havent made an art journal before and its just more freestyle than I'm used to. Its literally kind of a scary thing to jump into... but I think I have to try only because it's something new. So I guess I'll go sit in my scrap room and figure out what project to work on... I hope for myself that the art journal comes to my brain and turns out beautifully. I'll keep you posted.

Otherwise... Martha's wedding, as you can see below, was lovely. She looked beautiful and they both seemed happy and it was really nice. We worked our butts off the day before helping set up chairs and make all the flower arrangements, but it was so worth it. I hope they're having a great time on their honeymoon.

I have split days off this week so I have tomorrow off... and we're going to a Brewer game. I'm excited about it, cause I haven't been to one this year and its for a welcome home party for one of Brad's FMS Mel. She spent the semester in Spain (so jealous!) and is back on the job.

Dad gets his DREAM TRUCK this weekend ha. They ordered a 2007 Ford F350 for the farm... apparently dark red and loaded with everything Dad ever hoped for. I'm hoping to make it to when they pick it up so I can see his face when he sees it. Probably a mix of dream come true... and reality that now the payments start ha.

Brad and I have to decide whether to renew our lease for this apartment... and its bittersweet. I really love this place, and its become like a real home for us. But I'm dying to have a house all to ourselves. Get a garden, be able to landscape and make the house beautiful, really start to nest. But there are a lot of factors as to whether that is possible... money, whether we're staying around here for long, is it big enough for our needs, will we have to buy a new car for Brad, then buy a lawn mower, snowblower, etc... I kind of think the hurdles are too big for right now. Its so sad... because theres a house we both love in a good neighborhood for sale right now... I'll probably cry when it sells. Brad assures me we will have a beautiful house someday... its just hard when I want one so badly right now.

That's enough for now... off to go try and be scrapbook-inspired...

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