Monday, March 31, 2008

The gospel according to John.

Yes, I love John Mayer.

Yes, some people think that's stupid.

But I think he posted an incredibly insightful thing on his blog last week. I think it frankly gets inside the minds of most people my age. (or his age... he's 5 years older).

I hope you just read it.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Starting this week...

I'm going to be on this more. I've said that a million times... but this time it will work. I SWEAR!

What inspired me to write today? Was bopping around to a few of my favorite sites online... came across a scrapbooker who made a minibook called "the book of truth". Contained self-portraits (i.e. pictures in a mirror) and some really honest journaling. I'm going to do this, I think. I used to write all kinds of essays and stuff when I was younger that were so cathartic. I don't write about that anymore... I just spin it all out at my husband. (Sorry, Brad!) So I'm going to write more. Essays... in art journals... just get my truth out there... world be damned. At least that's what I think today.

No pictures to go with this one, but I have some I want to add, including photos of my beautifully pregnant friends, and some cool photos from our state's primary. Stay tuned.