Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stormy weather...

Not really stormy... not today at least. But God sure gave 'er hell last night. (if that can actually happen...) Lots of lightning and thunder when we were going to bed which I think is really cozy when you're tucked in at home... but we only saw it because we were up really late.

I started reading this new book called "Nineteen Minutes" and couldn't put it down before 1:30am. It's about a school shooting... from many different perspectives... and being peripherally involved in one it's really getting to me emotionally. Certain things she says in the book are so poigniant and just right on... it's hard to believe that an author can get something so right when she hasn't ever been there to experience it. I mean, our jobs as journalists is to take people to a place they couldn't be firsthand... but at least being there myself I know how to explain it... and can use sound and pictures. But she (so far, at least) has gotten things pretty right, and it's making for an interesting reading experience.

In other news... I feel like we're doing OK in going to the gym, although I haven't used my yoga membership as much as I would like to. I just need motivation to get up earlier in the morning sometimes, because thats the only chance I have to go to classes. Its just the battle to get out of bed though, because once I get there I love it. For now though... I'm just doing my best to try and lose some weight. I have too many bridesmaid dresses to wear this summer to have love handles.

Back to that weather... I just love it. Brad and I are both off tomorrow and I hope to enjoy a sunny day downtown or in a park or something. Maybe I can try my hand at posting some photos afterward. We'll have to see how blog-venturous I decide to get. :)

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BRADLY said...

No wonder we had to drive back to get the camera you nerd ha.