Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I can't boil an egg.

I came to the sad realization that I am much less of a cook than I had ever considered. I never fancied myself a gourmet chef, but I can pretty much make anything from a recipe successfully... and I knew that I didn't have the talent of my mother who can make anything from whatever is in the fridge. But today in a hurry I tried to hard boil two eggs for lunch... and failed.

I even went to some website quickly before I tried to do it (in 15 minutes) and pish-poshed at the fact that it said the eggs needed a total time of more than 30 minutes to cook and cool and everything... my brain saying "what does the internet know about MY eggs..." and that, my friends, was very stupid. The shell wouldn't come off... the yolk broke open and oozed over the counter... it was all I could do to drag my grumbling belly to work. I even went to go sign my tax forms and I was too embarassed to even tell my mom about it.

So now I'm sitting here craving any sort of food that I can get... I might have to take my break early.